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Goan recipes are usually sought out by Goan diaspora or expats  when they attempt to cook dishes that remind them of days gone by.

This site aims to make it easier for fans of Goan cuisine to find the recipe of their favorite Goan dish, be it Goan pork vindaloo, Goan sorpotel or a much sought-after Goan fish curry.

Also included are recipes for marzipan, milk cream and other popular Goan Christmas sweets.

If you’ve happened to arrive on this site not knowing much about Goa (gosh!) you can read about it on Wikipedia over here and about it’s cuisine over here. Wikitravel also has some more on  Goa.

Browsing the web on one’s smartphone or tablet is commonplace these days. This has been kept in mind while setting up the site so that users can refer to the recipe on their device while cooking it up in the kitchen!

We hope you find just the Goan recipe you’re looking for on our site, enjoy trying it out, and then savouring the results (as much as we do!).

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