Marzipan Recipe (with Cashew nuts)

The sweet tray in a traditional Goan household at Christmas wouldn’t be complete without Marzipan. It’s recipe (well, a good Marzipan recipe) is therefore much sought after.

Marzipan is surely at the top of the list of Goan Christmas sweets!


Ingredients in our Marzipan recipe

250 gms cashew nuts (soak for a little while & then grind fine),
375 gms powdered sugar
1 egg- just the white
Few drops of almond essence
Food colours (liquid)



Mix together and put on a slow fire, stirring constantly, moving the vessel occasionally, so that the centre does not burn. Cook till it reaches a soft ball stage (In a saucer with a little water, place
a blob of the mixture) more or less for half an hour.

Turn off fire and continue to stir well.
When cool enough to handle, knead till soft and then make into 3 balls, colouring each one with
a few drops of the food colours. Form in rubber moulds.

And that’s the cashew Marzipan recipe for you. Try it out this Christmas!

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