Kulkul Recipe

A popular Goan Christmas sweet, kulkuls even out the sweetness of the others in the sweet tray with their  savoury flavour. The easy kulkul recipe below however, is sometimes referred to during the year as well, when we crave an addictive snack!


Ingredients in the Kulkul recipe

1 kilo flour
Half kilo semolina
3 eggs
Quarter kilo melted ghee
100 gms powdered sugar


Mix and knead well with a mixture of little milk (half cup) and water (2 tbsp approx) to a soft dough.  Let it rest for half an hour .

Use the kulkul form or a clean comb to form the kulkuls and deep fry in a mixture of ghee and oil, equal amounts of both,  so that they do not brown too much.
Ideally, kulkuls are a  beautiful golden brown in colour.

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